Summer suited sunnies

Hey everyone,
sorry for not posting in a while, we've been super busy with exams and starting Sixth Form. Even though Summer has ended now, we wanted to share with your our favourite sunglasses of the season.
1. Ray Bans - These are some vintage Ray Bans. Although you can find dupes of these for a fraction of the price tag, personally I think it is definitely worth spending the money on a real pair because they last for years and protect your eyes from the suns glare.
2. Topshop - When I first bought these I was quite surprised at how big they were, however I have actually grown to love them. I love how dark the lenses are, especially for when I'm sunbathing on the beach as they block out the sun.
3. Primark - These are a copy of the classic Ray Bans, however for much cheaper. I've seen so many people wearing these over Summer, but I don't blame them as they are so lightweight and go with every look.
4. Primark - Throughout Summer, these were the sunglasses I reached for most. I really love their tortoise shell frames and that the lenses gradually fade from dark brown to a softer light brown, which I love because it separates them from all my black sunglasses.
Lots of Love,
Lily and Elena xx


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