Happy Hair Days Conditioner

ft my "Tangle Teezer" which is another hair care must have

Lets talk: Hair Care
For a while now I've been jumping between different conditioners from loads of different brands, and I haven't really been seeing a huge difference in my hair. Long gone were the days when the ends of my hair where soft and split end free, until I found this.
'Happy Hair Days' is a brand I've personally never heard of, or used, as I normally opt for the brands I'm used to. However buying this was definitely taking a step in the right direction!
My hair was super dry at the ends and definitely in need of a little TLC so I decided to give this a go, mainly due to its bold claim of being able to 'restore dry, damaged hair'.
 When my hair had dried after using it in the shower, it was noticeably more silky and alot less dry. After using it for a couple of weeks I can definitely say my hair is a lot more healthy and soft.
It has an incredible scent of coconuts which I love, that actually lasts in your hair after you've dried it.  This is definitely an added bonus, because for some reason, shampoo/conditioner scents never cling to my hair. 
The conditioner contains argan oil, which is probably what makes it such a miracle worker. Argan Oil helps hydrate and adds shine to your hair, and as it contains lots of anti-oxidants, it will also help strengthen your hair. 
You can buy then for £3.99, which is around the same price as your average high street conditioner, so there really shouldn't be anything stopping you for trying it out!
lots of love, 
lily xo


  1. My hair is super damaged by bleaching, and this product looks good! x

    1. You should definitely try it out, they also have a range for hair damaged my dying/bleaching so you should try that too!
      lily xo