Top 3 Perfume Picks

Hi everyone,
Today I wanted to share with you my top 3 perfume picks!
DOT BY MARC JACOBSYou can definitely tell this perfume is by Marc Jacobs by it's gorgeous bottle, and it's scent also meets high expectations. I would describe it to be quite fruity and light with high lasting power as I find it always lasts until the end of the night! However it's price as guessed is high - around £50 for 50ml but worth splashing out on for a treat or a Christmas present. 
LITTLE BLACK DRESS BY AVON - This is my all time favourite day to day fragrance! It's is so wearable and isn't too overpowering for daily use. Avon described it as "a timeless classic of sparkling honeysuckle gardenia jasmine sandalwood and cashmere musk". It is really cheap so a good alternative at only £13 for 30mlSWAROVSKI MARRIAGE LIGHT EAU DE TOILETTE SPARY - I adore this perfume for it's unique scent, for both day time outings and night times. The elegant bottle matches it's glamorous smell. It's a true feminine perfume but has a hefty price tag of around £50 for 50ml but worth the spendings for it's capability to last hours.


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