Our favourite lip products

Left to right: Mac liner in 'Boldy Bare', Soap and Glory Extreme Plump gloss in 'Pink Out Loud', Gelly Hi Shine Lips in 'Vega' and No 7 BB Lips in 'Belle Pink'.

It's Novemberrrrr (getting close to Christmas!!)
We have been dying to show you our current favourite lip products for the wintery season.
ELENA- Mac Lip Liner in 'Boldly Bare'- I recently bought this lip liner after looking for one for ages, which is a subtle shade, so very versatile. This liner definitely does the trick! I love Mac lip liners and think they are AMAZING value at only £12.50 and tend to be quite long lasting.
Soap and Glory Extreme Plump gloss in 'Pink Out Loud' -  I've had this product for nearly a year now, and still have loads left, despite numerous uses as a little goes a long way. Personally, I love how it makes your lips tingle and that there is a noticeable difference between my lips before and after use. I really love this shade and how it is super shiny, yet not sticky. It costs £10, which is really good considering how long it has lasted me.
LILY- Gelly Hi Shine Lips in 'Vega'- Normally, nudes and pinks are my go to lip colours, however recently I've been trying to branch out by experimenting with darker lips. I would say that this was red with pink undertones, which isn't too far out of my comfort zone as it still has a pink aspect to it. This costs £4.99 which is incredibly cheap considering it's so long lasting, and is really opaque on the lips. 
No 7 BB Lips in 'Belle Pink' - This was somewhat a spontaneous buy, as I have never thought to look in No 7 for a lip gloss. This is a very subtle pink, which is really effortless and so you can just throw it on whenever. It is really moisturising, and non sticky which is what I look for in a lip gloss. It costs £9 which I think is really reasonable as it is such a good quality, and non sticky which is so important for me!
Lily and Elena xx


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