Zara Mini City Bag

 Zara have officially out done themselves, again. 
 I have always been completely in love with everything Zara sells, but their handbags are a whole different ball game. Buying one has been on the cards for a while now, but I've always been overwhelmed by the amount of bags there is to chose from. However, I decided to go for it and buy the 'Mini City Bag' - in Orange.
Originally I wanted to buy it in black, but I already have a black bag for school, and orange seemed like a good way to add a little colour to my monochrome dominated wardrobe.
It was £39.99, which I think is really reasonable, especially when you compare it to other shops on the high street! It is a really sturdy quality, and so far has been surprisingly hard wearing (It faced Primark at Christmas time, therefore it is basically indestructible)
I've found that it fits everything I need in it, despite bordering on a small bag and so isn't annoying to carry round shopping all day, as it isn't too big!
I think overall it is an amazing bag, and I especially love the vibrant colour!
Lily xx


  1. That is such a lovely vibrant colour! Brilliant pick :) Hope you have a good day!
    Hannah x