Andrew Barton // Blondes have more fun - serious repair mask

Firstly I'd like to apologise in advance to any brunettes! However Andrew Barton does offer a 'Strictly brunette' range which I am sure is of the same amazing quality!
I first came across the Andrew Baton blondes have more fun serious repair mask when I went out shopping in search of hair remedies and so far I have only used it a couple of times but have already found it really effective!
I'd like to think I have medium length hair but it constantly seems to be retreating shorter every time I look in the mirror, it has a slight wave and even though I am naturally blonde I do occasionally get highlights. However I have noticed my hair is in quite poor condition for reasons I can't figure out as I try to stay clear of heat appliances and even blow drying it. - So finding this was a dream it immediately made my hair soft and silky without feeling sticky/greasy like other specialist hair products do. It made a complete transformation from my usual straw like hair and I even got compliments the next day on the brightness and smooth shine it left.
So you can imagine the surprise when I discovered its prices is only £1 - I think I'll be buying bulk and stocking up for summer!
Thank you for reading, I am always in search of hair repairal products so if anyone has a particular favourite let in know in comments!

El xo


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