Our favourite spring shades

Hi everyone, 
Since spring has officially arrived we decided to do a post on our ultimate fave spring nail varnishes. 
top: Lily bottom: Elena
Lilys Favourites
This is a bright neon pink, which is completely opaque in two coats and due to its amazing formula, doesn't streak on the nails.
 'FRUIT MACHINE'-BUTTER LONDON-£12:I love how it is quite a light shade, however it is still just as bright and colourful on the nails. Definitely don't get put off my the price, they're such good quality and don't chip easily.
Huckleberry is an icy toned light blue, which I already know will be my most used polish in spring/summer. They don't streak and stay put for a fair amount of time!

Elenas Favourites
This is an amazing top coat containing tiny rectangular confetti like specks. I find it perfect to go on top of pink, but really you can wear it with any colour as the speckles are white.
To be honest, I think this is more of a summery shade but I could not wait to wear it. It is true to its name and is top quality and although not the cheapest nail varnish it is definitely worth it.
 'BLUE MOON'-BARRY M- £3.99:
Blue Moon is a classic spring shade and when held to the light it subtly shimmers. Two coats is needed to make it completely opaque and it is really long lasting.

There is a few ideas so you can get stocked up on spring shades. Any got any favourites for us to add to our collections?
lots of love,
Lily and Elena xo


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