Maybelline Colorsensational Elixir gloss

'Raspberry Rhapsody
Hey everyone, 
being the lipstick junkie that I am, I've been desperate to try out the 'Maybelline Colorsensational Elixirs' since they were first launched in America. Now that they have finally landed in the UK, I was able to pick up two from the collection. 
I've found that these are really shiny on the lips, but aren't sticky at all, which is a must for me when I'm buying a lipgloss. The colour pay off is really impressive, and I've found that they last quite a while before I need to top up. The packaging closely resembles the Dior 'Addict Fluid Stick', which I've been completely obsessed with looking at ever since they were released. The sponge applicator isn't like your typical doe foot applicator, as it is shaped in a way that makes it so much easier to apply it evenly on the lips.
'Madnarine Rupture'
Firstly, I picked up 'Raspberry Rhapsody' which was definitely a 'love at first swatch' moment. It is a berry pink colour, which isn't too bold, but neither is it too safe. It is a really good shade to ease your way into bold lips if you don't want to commit to a full on lipstick. The colour is very autumnal, so is absolutely perfect for this time of year. 
The second one I picked up was 'Madnarine Rupture', which in the tube looks like a true orange, however on the lips it appears to have a slight pinky undertone, which you can see from the picture. Although orange lipsticks are normally tied to the summer months, I think they can look great all year round, especially this one as it isn't overly bright and is quite understated. 
If you haven't tried these already, you definitely should, they get a big yes from me!
Lily xx


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