Room Decor

 We love to decorate our rooms, with beautiful things such as many cacti, fairy lights and orchids.
 We hate being inside a room that is plain and boring, our recent craving is for cacti, which are very simple, but can still easily spice up a boring room. Be sure to get a cute pot for them, which you can co-ordinate with the colour of your room!
We also absolutely love fairy lights, especially now as its coming up to the winter season, and the nights are getting darker. They look amazing and christmassy hung up on a wall, or draped along a windowsill.
Finally, orchids are our new passion. We've been searching relentlessly for a flower that has a long life span, while still looking really beautiful. Orchids are perfect for this, they have a life span of approx. 28 days, however we have heard they can last years if given the correct treatment.
We hope this is useful for anyone aspiring to glam up a room.
Lily & Elena xo


  1. I love decorating my room in fairy lights! They give a really nice atmosphere and sense of cosiness to any room and are beautiful in the daytime AND nighttime. I'm going to start posting around easter if you want to check out my blog! Love yours!