Autumn Coat

Since starting sixth form in September, I had been searching for a high and low for a lightweight smart coat for the autumn season. I came across this one in River Island for £42, which although seems quite pricey at first, it actually turned out to be considerably cheaper than other shops on the high street, for the same style coat.
From a distance, it looks like a plain grey long coat, however close up you can see it has gold thread weaved through the material, giving it a light sheen when the sun hits it. This adds an extra dimension to the coat, making it more exciting than a plain grey coat.
However, although its thinness is great for indoors (school etc) its not so good for the cold weather, which means i'll need to also invest in a winter coat in a few months time.
Elena xo


  1. Lovely coat! :) Looks so cozy!
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