Our summer shoes

 Hey everyone,
today we decided to show you what our favourite shoes were for summer.
Lily - Ju Ju Black Jellies
Jelly shoes are like marmite, you either love them or hate them. In my case, I absolutely love them. They are surprisingly comfortable, and because I got them in black they go with pretty much every outfit. They are £20 for the flat ones, which is really affordable especially for such good quality shoes. You can wear them all year round, as they look great with jeans and tights, so they are perfect for the transition between Summer and Autumn.
Elena - Topshop T-Bar Shoes
This Summer I wanted to go for really bright coloured shoes, and these are about as bright as you can get! However, although I loved their summery look, I have found that they only work with either denim jeans or denim shorts. I have found that they are really comfortable, except if you wear them for long periods of time as they can rub a little. They are medium priced at £34 which I think it reasonable for their hard wearing quality.
Lots of love, 
Lily and Elena xx


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